Monday, November 5, 2007

Reasons we do Lacrosse Drills

Lacrosse drills are used to teach and practice specific skills required for gameday. As a coach of a youth lacrosse team, I make sure that every drill that we run at training has a specific purpose and the skills developed in the drill can be directly applied to the game. Before I introduce a new drill to practice, I explain to the players the purpose of the drill and encourage them to approach it with game like intensity and to actually think about what they are doing and why. You don't want your players simply going through the motions for the sake of it.

It is also my philosophy (and I'm sure many others) that practice should be a time when players are given the freedom to experiment and make mistakes. It is a time when players should work on weaknesses without the fear of reprimand. I encourage all of my players to spend as much time on their opposite hands as possible. Sure, more passes are dropped than if the were on their natural hands but this is practice and it does not matter.

A great lacrosse drill that forces players to use their opposite hand is the double star drill. I need to draw up a diagram of this drill for you because its hard to explain with words alone. Stay tuned and I'll fill you in on this beauty next time.